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Schapelle Corby: My Story - Schapelle Corby I'm trying not to let the fact that I put out a five-star review on some other book effect another recent read, but ultimately that mental block is just irresistible. can't fight being human. can't fight the urge to "balance" the existence of a five-star book with a three star somewhere along the line. a high 3? an impressive, professional piece of (ghost-) writing? if only I could actually just rate a 3.5 on a possible 3.7ish piece of work? ahh... what a series of mental loops...

OK back to the book.

this is ghost-written or professionally written by a pro journalist and so the writing is incisive. I thought the very last section where Corby goes off on a number of other media figures was a little weaker, but otherwise, evocative of what she is facing and her view of the world.

I don't really have loads and loads of commentary to helpfully add to this entry. my only experience with the case is that I was physically in Japan during the 2004/5 trial period, and I can report the Australians in Japan sort of believed she was guilty (opinion was split, but nobody was outright declaring her innocence) but that 20 years for marijuana smuggling was borderline mental illness itself. now that's just the opinion of the local Aussies; I don't know what homefront Australians were saying, although the internet is all over the place. actually I'm not sure bloody anything can be learned from the outrageous comments being made all over the internet.