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Japanese Army Stragglers and Memories of the War in Japan, 1950-75

Japanese Army Stragglers and Memories of the War in Japan, 1950-75 - Beatrice Trefalt popular culture has already absorbed some of the accounts of "Japanese stragglers" or ex-members of the IJA living on various tropical islands even decades after the war. this academic treatise by Dr. Beatrice Trefalt of Monash University covers some of the lesser known details, including helpful media clipping/cartoons showing Japanese society's reception of the holdouts.


YOKOI and ONODA of the 1970s experienced more of a media blitz, it being 30 years since the fall of Japan (earlier 1950s holdouts were largely treated just as the 1940s, as defeated soldiers, and then went on to work in manual labor). Lt. Onoda, being an officer, got a meeting with the Emperor and became a sort of semi-public figure. Nakamura, a Taiwanese aboriginal, held out the longest, coming from a hunter-gatherer tribe, and has had disappeared a little bit more from media attention (being a private in any case). Onoda's dramatic story was helped by the fact that he was a Nakano school graduate (Japanese military intelligence) and he was convinced to come out of the jungle by a young Japanese hippie.

the treatise is clearly academic/ non-fiction in nature, but it is readable, and for Japanese scholarship people an interesting addition to the body of scholarly work