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Steel Fist: Tank Warfare 1939-45 (Arcturus Military History)

Steel Fist: Tank Warfare  1939 - 1945 - Nigel Cawthorne Cawthorne's method is to read a score of books on the subject and then dash out a book, citing no references, but generally conforming to proper Western standards of truthfulness. he isn't scamming anybody; it's just that he's not bothering to do the professional historian or professional non-fiction writer's thing about taking 2 years to put out a tome, and get all the references and fact-checking. nor does it appear, as matter of fact, that Cawthorne got an academic degree, let alone the PhD. the result here is a 1.99 book that is worth the price, but cannot be compared to the professional work done by historians or even graduate students. in short, this isn't much better than a very large wikipedia entry, and at times, it even drags

according to his own website, he's a figure of some minor repute at the British library, where he makes his informal workroom, checking out obscure books and taking notes, etc. apparently after he came out with an entire "sex life of XXXX" (the popes, the presidents, etc.) he then became known as that "guy who writes sex books."

the problem, of course, is that society mistreats authors. how can anybody complain about a $2 book? but see already he's a scandalous character. and after he dies, his books will continue to be available to human beings around the world.

see how the world steps on its creators!!!!

so, let's do thought exercise, o lurker.

here is cawthorne, with the nice british library background


and here is cawthorne, official goodreads profile pic

. so is this cawthorne?


or is this?


take a few moments to consider. i will deliberate put some superfluous paragraphing marks so as to not spoil.











so okay






if you're still reading, the answer is neither. the first is a US Army major who died in vietnam; the second is a serial killer. the point being made is only that google image search is a dangerous thing. it identified both as a young Cawthorne, based on the fact that he had written about both people.

I wrote this all out for you. because you are a lurker. why would you be reading my Goodreads reviews, unless you LURK MOAR?

yes, ahhahaha

it is healthy to lurk

it is normal to lurk

you are lurking and reading book reviews because making new internet "friendships" is tiring. oh god. by the time you hit 30, I think you just get really really tired of meeting a new personality, unless that personality is female and very comely. god

so instead, you luuurrrkkkkk.... it is healthy behaviour. do not be ashamed. consider yourself the ELITE of reading masters of aesthetic's extended babblefests on obscure books. you've found it! you're a miner!

(for the record, my degree was a bachelor in english literature, with about 80% of the work towards a concentration in classical literature also completed).... go tell the marines

o readaholic

you have borne with the mad review writer for some time and so i will reward you now with some pics of various korean girls


a topic largely on my mind as i sits in cafes and count my pennies.

hey, of the three girls listed, only the middle one is a celebrity. han ga eun


a semi successful model. why semi-successful

real models don't create facebook pages; they have facebook pages created about them!

cough cough cough

anyway returns to original topic...

oppression of writers is two fold.

cawthorne is only paid for output, whereas engineers / bankers are paid whether they mentally check out for a year or not. i know lots of salaried office workers who don't work for months on end. see how society treats creatives!

second, cawthorne gets dismissed as that "sex-writer" although he's written far more historical works.

that is my screed against the anti-writers of the world