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The Brave Japanese

The Brave Japanese - Kenneth  Harrison in honour of Guy Harrison's decision to release his father's POW classic, The Brave Japanese, free on the internet, at


I hereby post the Independent Republic of Australia (Commonwealth version) flag below:


The Republican movement is an odd thing, not quite as left as the Eureka group, but definitely somewhat left of the Mad Max universe, certainly not as American as the Trans-Pacific Alliance suggestions, but nowhere near as tradition-bound as a pure Commonwealth clique. what is Australia's future?

Ken Harrison's work is a POW memoir and ebook that came out to some acclaim in the 60s and then was released a few years ago. apparently Guy Harrison (his son), ran the numbers and realized collecting royalties on the thing was more trouble than just hosting the book on his website.

Harrison (pere) fought in the Malaya campaign, encountered Chinese communist guerillas, surrendered to the Japanese, and spent much of his time in a POW camp, whether Changi, a Thai 'death railroad' camp, and then Japan itself. he then became one of the first Westerners to drift into Hiroshima.

balanced, a mix of good and bad qualities that he himself admits (one wonders what his men thought of the line, 'i gave beatings--but pulled my punches'), and mixes his sentiment between respect for the Japanese (hence the title), a certain common spirit, and fair criticism of the excesses. I'm not sure I would rush to meet the guy if he were giving a lecture, but certainly the book is worth a peek.