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Shadow of the Hegemon (Ender, Book 6)

Shadow of the Hegemon - Orson Scott Card back in '97 or thereabouts a friend mentioned that Orson Scott Card had followed Ender's Game with two sequels. I was vaguely aware of this fact. the friend said, "together many the two books, or was it three?, are worth the original Ender's Game." before reading any of the sequels, my response was only "i don't know if quantity makes up for quality." to some degree this is still the case. given the choice between saving "Ender's Game" or all of the sequels out of a burning museum (burning museum thought experiment...), I guess I would save Ender's Game. but yeah, quantity does count for something.

Shadow of the Hegemon is not amazing. it doesn't resound in memory like Ender's Game. it sort of slips mormonistic foreign policy (see Mitt Romney) into your head. it reads, as the author admits, sort of like 'Risk' played in 2020 fictional great power politics.

a lot of passages are clearly designed to appeal to very brainy tweens

ideas on strategy contradict just about all real military writing

but for a light read, sure why not, worth picking up from the used bookstore.