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Marine Sniper: 93 Confirmed Kills

Marine Sniper: 93 Confirmed Kills - Charles W. Henderson, E.J. Land having been fairly generous with the 4-stars lately, I guess I have to lean towards the 3 on this 3/4 borderline work. there are distinct arguments for the 4-- the ending, the multi-functional aspects of Henderson's capabilities, some of the uniquely defined personalities. but there are also areas to question, most famously (apparently, for Henderson addresses the issue in his foreward), a scene where people talk, and then one disappears into the bush and the other dies-- how could Henderson reconstitute the conversation?

Henderson, with his 93 kills, of course believes in his mission, and he is able to evoke the Vietnam jungle with some skill. yet there were times when the stories seemed to end too quickly. what happened to the Apache? where did the other soldiers end up in post-war life?

3/5 but to some degree missing the 4 only due to the plethora of other great titles acquired recently. supposedly `The` Nam sniper memoir, possibly even `The` sniper memoir