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Gunslinger Girl Volume 1: v. 1

Gunslinger Girl, Vol. 1 - Yu Aida, Hiroshi Aida I've taken a minor break from my normal pattern of a-book-a-day. what's happened is that a bunch of europeans have moved into my recent living environment, and although I'll be returning to a less connected situation very shortly, in the meantime, its proven irresistible singing Wacht-am-Rhein to the Frankfurters and the Marseille to the Frenchie. I even learned some Swedish. Hey! (Swedish for hello). Bra! (Swedish for 'good'). Now you know how to survive in the most positive of the depressed Scandinavian countries, the country that gave us ABBA and Ace of Base.

the second way to introduce this work is to point out that I kinda had to do something experimental with [b:Ghost in the Shell|35870|Ghost in the Shell|Masamune Shirow|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1347703980s/35870.jpg|829946]. the problem is that if you add all the Harry Potter books to your ratings, pretty soon the Goodreads landing page (the page that opens after you log-in) just endlessly displays teenager comments about Harry Potter. eww. GR really ought to do something about this-->Facebook does a much better job allowing you to granularize your updates, but *whatever*. you get what you pay for. or what is that other social networking slogan? "if you're not paying for the product, you are the product." bwahahahahah.... actually I have relatives at Amazon so perhaps my data won't be mined *especially*. rock it baby. yeah you can do it.

if all this tremulous verbalization overload has been endured, I guess it doesn't hurt to say, well this is actualy a pretty good comic book, and maybe this is the best of edition! Yu Aida is a reclusive artist-- because this is a work that combines discussion of political terror in Italy with, essentially, any excuse to depict prepubescent girls carrying heavy firepower. actually, why dispense with the verbal walkaround. this entire work raison d'etre is to depict prepubescent girls wielding advanced light infantry weapons.


if you've endured this far, then I guess it doesn't hurt to mention that the classic story line, is this volume 1. it involves Henrietta, the girl depicted on the cover, and her favourite weapon. the Fabrique Nationale P90