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A Passage to India (Penguin Classics)

A Passage to India - Pankaj Mishra, Oliver Stallybrass, E.M. Forster timeless classic, E.M. Forster's A Passage to India only gets better with age and re-reading, being one of those rare books that can be tolerated as a youngster and then reveals greater depth as one advances through life. Forster, a homosexual and socialist, was deeply skeptical of the British Empire, and this is his "anti-colonial" work, one in which the mechanisms of race relations, imperialism, and gender were studied through a possible crime.

although decolonization has not ushered in some golden age as Forster may have believed, at the very least the contradictions and flaws of the uk system in india were revealed by one of its key lyricists.

A+ / 5/5