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The Third Reich at War

The Third Reich at War - Richard J. Evans a long-due freshening or update of the Barbarossa Campaign amid the general WW2 international conflagaration. Evans has a fingernail's edge in fluency of prose against which he was not actually present as Shirer was during the run-up of the Nazis. crisp, sharp, maybe even brilliant prose.


this is the Panther rather than Panzer III of WW2 histories. what is to say it came later and was better designed, but of course there is no substitute for the original Panzer III or Shirer text.


maybe it is even a Volksjaeger. yes it is a jet-powered history on steroids since is volume III of III so Evans work is longer! more footnotes! more archives.

1. Beasts in Human Form
Lightning Victory
The New Racial Order
A Dreadful Rabble
Life Unworthy of Life

2. FOrtunes of War
The Work of Providence
Pathological Ambition
Operation Barbarossa
In the Tracks of Napoleon

3. The Final SOlution
No Pity, Nothing
Launching Genocide
Wannsee Conference
Like Sheep to the Slaughter

4. The New Order
THe Sinews of War
No Better off than Pigs
Under the Nazi Heel
Total War

[more to follow... placeholder for now...]