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The Minority Report

The Minority Report - Philip K. Dick only 112 pages, so I hesitate to give it the 5 stars the actual tightly-written prose deserves... 112 pages = very long short story? or very short novel? a 'novella' I suppose... in any case, length seems to be the only criterion calling for less than full honors.

Minority Report turned into a Tom Cruise vehicle, made a nice visual movie which just about dealt with the concepts at stake-- although PKD's real accomplishment was the speculation on police/military and police-military relations that the existence of 'precog' talents would have. every 1950s pulp writer could add in a character who 'could see the future.' but if such a talent could be developed and/or standardized, what exactly would happen to crime / policing?

PKD's mistake, I think, was not incorporating a second story line into this work, and thus ending up with a 350 page fully immersive novel. the novella suffers as an art form-- because just when you've become invested in the world / characters, the work ends. a story line involving stock market speculation and/or economic forecasting would have counter-pointed the police/crime storyline of this work. see MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE for how PKD better mixed storylines and created the true immersive novel