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The Aeneid (Vintage Classics)

The Aeneid - Virgil, Robert Fitzgerald the foundational epic of the Roman Empire is a pretty good adventure fable, although one really needs an annotated version to really get the full story. perhaps not quite as strong as Homer's Odyssey or Iliad, clearly the Aeneid does have its really flowing parts, and it is helpful to understand the Roman view of the world and their empire.

what is the quick guide to understanding this work?

the story is about "arms and the man;" both warfare and the personality of the first mythical founder of Rome, Aeneas. Virgil is said to be "subversive" because he provides a one-line clue that he knows perfectly well that he is composing myth (the hero leaves through the 'gate of lies' from hell.

second, the Dido-Aeneas affair only in the 19th century became an issue of contention. before this time, there is no record that any civilization or period questioned Aeneas's rejection of love for duty/ national foundation. questioning this decision is a modern conceit.