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Steel Boat Iron Hearts: The Wartime Saga of Hans Goebeler and U-505

STEEL BOATS, IRON HEARTS: The Wartime Saga of Hans Goebeler and U-505 - Hans Goebeler, John Vanzo "books have a life of their own," it is said, and thanks to goodreads technology, reviews now generate their own drama. saw this book on sale a few months ago on amazon but itunes did not match, and I preferred brand loyalty (and still new to ebook pricing). well, Amazon just renewed their Big Deal sale, 500 ebooks at 3.99 or less, until 27 May and so acquired this little war classic for 1.99. what larks! a great $2.

accounts the adventures of a crew member, Hans Goebeler, who had the fortune to work in the control room, seeing three captains go by, and dealing, as he does, with the storm of varying claims made about the U-505, a large submersible type xii(?) u-boat. if you are interested in spoiling the work, you can go read the wikipedia entry but there are at least two big surprises in the text.

reading this took me back to the german studies teacher at university who insisted on some middle-class, middle-age, middle-aged couple who exchanged letters... sometimes there is value in gaining a non-elite's perspective; rather than the officer's tale, one crewmember who saw it all.

good, taut writing, and typical of many memoirs that many could have written, the one who actually did mentions in passing "hey, i spent all my time reading and writing". writers/readers control the future? because they are the only ones who relate to future lives what happened? ha

"I marched swiftly in three steps and saluted with my right hand."