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The Main: A Novel

The Main - Trevanian perpetual clouded over "pig weather" Montreal becomes the setting for an old school beat-walking police officer who 'owns' the Main, the most run-down neighborhood of Montreal unraveling the murder mystery while surrounded by the youngster runaways, Quebecois Joual-speaking street hustlers, and various political appointees harassing the man of the hood.

"#3 reviewer in Ireland points out"particularly good at teasing out the ambivalent, shifting, complex and sometimes paradoxical relationships between people and the places they inhabit." #41 reviewer in Israel (the wife of Michael Chabon) shocked the work is "commercial fiction???...layered and nuanced detail...". two good endorsements from two people who are also writers.

conclusion from this 'review of reviews.' Goodreads is a surprisingly small community. I mean just the two longest reviews of this trevanian "best of the backshelf" reveals two professional writers one whom is married to the biggest name in literary fiction this year.

i stifled the urge to add Chabon's wife to my friends list. if I added her, why not add every writer in new york?. would rather lurk moar.

what is this book about? well the irish guy and the jewish girl more or less nailed it. "teases out the ambivalent, shifting relationships, layered, nuanced" Lieutenant LaPointe is a good cross-shift from Trevanian's holier-than-thou art-historian assassin, and emblematic of a fading world even as he confronts the paradoxes of the new. 1976 bestseller, now a hidden gem! 4/5