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Norwegian Wood

Norwegian Wood - Jay Rubin, Haruki Murakami for years Haruki Murakami is just a specialist's writer; a few ten thousand people know about this quirky, eccentric former bar-owner who writes some mildly experimental fiction, completely different from all other predecessors in the J-lit tradition.



and HARUKI MURAKAMI, SUPERSTAR is mobbed in airports, has his hair torn by legions of screaming teenage girls, has to leave the country for Greece, etc etc etc

because of the work that captured 1964 Tokyo, student riots, the transition between older ideas of love and relationship and the modern pickup culture, the troubled long dark-haired girl (older sister?) and shorter-haired cutie (younger sister?)


or is the reverse, is Naoko the imotou who never was and Midori onee-san?

well, pick your teeth and ponder the questions of whether Murakami is tearing out a piece of his soul, and putting his central love affair of his life in fictionalized roman form

or is this just love-triangle standard formula. all about my troubled love affairs. 'cuz it happened in 1-9-6-4 oh well gotta read this...