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The Bear and the Dragon (Jack Ryan)

The Bear and the Dragon - Tom Clancy "The Bear and the Dragon," naturally, is about a hypothetical Sino-Russian war. marked by Clancy's facility with words, the action is pretty continuous, it doesn't get weird with people being made President in ten minutes or any other such odd plot devices, and there are no huge lapses of credibility or failures in the tried-and-tested guns and planes and diplomatic officers desperately trying to hold together ceasefires.

the problem is that a Sino-Russian war would be a major historical event. the entirety of this book is set around a single armored attack from China into Russia. doesn't Clancy realize the fundamental cultural, societal, internationally-world ending/changing consequences of this sort of shake-up? isn't there any attempt to character the *TOTAL SHOCK* change this would impact on the world or the extremely basic and fundamental switches that would have to occur in both countries for this to come about?

the book is readable, but it doesn't quite jump to the level of classic Clancy.


but then, they say Clancy's "OP Center" of contracted writers is doing everything now, so who knows...