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The Magus

The Magus - John Fowles JoHM fowls 1965 book the magus (iPad spell correct is going whack) is one of those madcap books that somebody with mad staring eyes is telling u "best book EVAR" . So afterwards you kinda smile and back away slowly. Picked it up once in 2003, and now ten years after finally finished it. Yes, you have to concentrate a bit, but action really begins after about a third, shades of shutter island, philip k dick, but definitely lit rather than sic fi or cult.

Essentially for most of the book u can't figure out who is nuts, narrator, girl, or landowner. In between, as promised, musings on truth and lies, mythology, rationality, science, mental health, etc...

if you take the time to read everything word by word, then essentially what results is a sort of mind-game / "God Game" where meaning/ insanity/ deconstruction / dissociative identity disorder etc all weave back and forth,

Ultimately a love or hate novel

informed by [Book: The Collector]; the black to this novel's white. ultimately at its best the Magus is what it claims to be, semiotic deconstruction of western "knowledge" or "meaning" inside a universe of apparent modernity, at its worst, the book is just the 1970s thriller the UK literary establishment considered it to be.