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Neuromancer - William Gibson Neuromancer created an entire genre "cyberpunk" and functions as an elegantly-tight adventure story as well. Like Dune, Bladerunner, Foundation, Stranger in a Strange Land, a Sci-Fi classic that showed an entirely different world--one of data-jumpers and net-hackers--rather than the cloying Buck Rogers giga-guns and pod-hoppers of the Golden Age. welcome to the Silicon Age.

premise: data-jackers and microflichette-wielding leather clad + sunglasses razor girls, a console cowboy, the codes of 'intrusion counter-measures' ICE being broken by the nethacker, spinning up and down corporate ice.


a strong argument in favor of the 5/5 rating is the character of Molly Millions, the embodiment of "girls with guns" genre; 'leather-clad sunglass-wearing 'razorgirl'', which arguably is imitated in the character of YT of Stephenson. and famously, a movie about Neuromancer can never be made, because Matrix has already copted the aesthetic