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White Noise (Penguin Great Books of the 20th Century)

White Noise - Don DeLillo many academicians believe that Don DeLillo's 1984 class White Noise is the book mostly likely to be considered 'great' in a hundred years. unfortunately, of course an academic would believe an academic book is great; a college novel is of course at best a near-great novel, although we can fairly say 'five stars' and 'classic' without too much fear of contradiction.

DeLillo's 'i am an old man who understands everything' style works best with this actual work about somewhat manque professors and the 'Airborne Toxic Event' that interrupts their life and provides near-surrealistic commentary about the state of the world 1980s, environmental degradation, fear of death and aging, drugs, etc.

history's judgment remains on hold. yes, i think the book will survive a hundred years, but I'm not sure longer than that.


I will crib a note from one of the top reviewers on this site, and point out, "White Noise is about collectivity's dealing with death."