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The Eiger Sanction: A Novel

The Eiger Sanction - Trevanian Shades of Crichton, Ludlum, Le Carre. Obsessed Trevanian fans are fond of describing his work as "meta-" or "simultaneous spoof of and spy novel," but such descriptions may be a trifle too fair for the writer. This isn't some carnivalesque linguistic word-play and semiotic deconstruction with seven possible meanings to every paragraph. It's straight Ludlum or Crichton with a little bit of extra twist to make everything skippy. In fact, one might fairly say that the beginnings of Trevanian's greatest weakness, an unending attack on American culture, are beginning to develop. Some sort of weak scenes (casually written out nursery-style fisticuffs) is balanced by the evocative description of an assault on Eiger, the toughest cliff in the Alps.

Eiger Sanction is definitely worth a library check-out, but it isn't necessarily the keep-for-a-lifetime brilliance of the later 'Shibumi,' which I will keep on my bookshelf for decades to come.