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The Hunt for Red October (Special 15th Anniversary Edition)

The Hunt for Red October - Tom Clancy certain publishing histories going down in legend. dune was originally published by an auto parts trade printer, and Clancy's Hunt for Red October, perhaps as much a part of the 80s conservatism as a result of it, was put out by the naval press. after bringing out Dune, the auto parts trade printer never did another fiction book. the us naval press never published another clancy novel after giving Red October its start... and what a start. millions of copies sold.


an exciting, taut thriller, Hunt for Red October concerns a top-of-the-line Soviet submarine that tries to defect--and the fleets that sortie and diplomatic storm that erupts in a believable, (and even, whisper campaign, 'actually did happen') Cold War story. there's no need for atomic destruction of cities or terribly poorly-written twists of plot;

the story is classic Clancy, the hero Jack Ryan is launched, and the work, in the end, a genre maker.

find 'KRASNY OCTUBER'! ... and every ship in the atlantic is on the hunt, for the greatest naval thriller in decades

based on certain naval rumors of a defection in the soviet navy (unfounded). the Akula (pictured) did have a towed array in a case in the rear, but it was not a caterpillar drive.

there were at least two operations to recover sunken soviet submarines, which may be the source of the rumors.