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Vortex - Larry Bond Book industry (or media in general) is winner-take-all? Larry Bond, the #2 to Tom Clancy, is according to GR stats something like 1/20th as read... which still equates, of course, to best-seller status and some kind of living...

Anyway Vortex is the 1989 answer to Red Storm Rising, but covering a hypothetical South Africa/Namibia "brushfire war". recently reduced to 2.99, along with cauldron and book one of bond's new red dragon rising series, the book is professional, tightly written, and obviously gains from bond's actual military experience (bond was a us navy officer). Still, of course, the crowd prefers soviet on us action, good vs evil, rather than the mixed bag of heroes who populate African wars--and did in real life, with even the WP entry on Congo noting that some wars in Africa are cold war hot spot, anti colonial freedom fighting, peacekeeper on bandits, etc etc etc...all simultaneously.

this is the nature of the african 'brushfire war.' one shot to a policeman can be... simultaneously... a shot against white south africa boors; a shot against university education and progress; a terrorist act; a crime; a murder; a noise in the dark.

West Africa Wins Again = WAWA

Africa = the Dark Continent

[b:The Heart of Darkness|616828|Heart of Darkness/The Secret Sharer|Joseph Conrad|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1176357914s/616828.jpg|1785260]

all my niggaz reprazent. we know that anything that happens in africa stays in africa. and from Akon to Outkast to the latest French attack on Malian northerners...

well god. what can be said?

Because of the perversity of the march of history, I'm predicting long term survivability of this work. As in, ppl will still read this in fifty years. It's Africa.

what I mean to say is that Africa is Africa.

this is a tightly-worked scenario WHAT IF, south afrikaneers came back to power and decided to punish namibia.

well that would bring in cubans wouldn't it.

and then americans would have to intervene.


thank you.... US NAVY...

i am the African Liberation Monster.

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