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Bio of a Space Tyrant: Volume 1 Refugee

Refugee, Bio of a Space Tyrant - Piers Anthony hmm only 2.99 on ibooks...

Piers Anthony is famously called "the most read to least reviewed author" in history, and this book is case in point (as is this entry on goodreads). chock full of perverse sexuality, i think the book's sole redeeming point is that Anthony is pricing the book at less than a burger and fries. so less fattening than a happy meal and might cause less pimples (I'm not sure). since ebooks theoretically last forever, i suppose at some point the data will be useful to hand off to a pimply teenager on a ferry ride, who knows.

shades of Heinlein "moon is a harsh mistress;" but otherwise class-ridden, over-sexed, bad weather England Xanth Outer Space