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The Year of the Flood: A Novel

The Year of the Flood - Margaret Atwood Margaret 'I don't write Sci-Fi' Atwood has written a solid, creative, dynamic, and personal work of science speculative fiction examining a post-apocalyptic "world in twenty years" that is at once humanistic and plausible, if a little skippy in some of the science. in a world where hardened criminals are sent to 'Painball'-- well, that just captures everything about Atwood's style, which combines the obvious pop cultural reference with some of the ideas bandied about in B-movies, to result in a work which characterizes a woman's outlook in society, without flooding us all with hyperfeminist cant.

Atwood's strength, of course, is also her liability. will we ever accept her as more than a somewhat slipstreamy sci-fi author? hmm...