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1984 (Signet Classic)

1984 - George Orwell, Erich Fromm examined purely on literary merits one might fairly say that 1984 falls short, with, one would argue, a less developed than hoped for love story, but in terms of total impact on world culture, referenced by 17 years olds in Topeka and in Wuhan, Bratislava and Rio, 1984 of course rises to the level of "top 100" work and "canonical literature," moving, striking, powerful, politically-informed, and politically-informing.

Orwell's world, seen as a critique of Soviet Stalinism, may reflect English sensibilities, but of course in our CCTV, internet-web-connected society, "city of London ring of steel" society, what is of course noticeable is how much actually did happen.

immediate post-war privation of blockaded UK noted