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The Master of Disguise: My Secret Life in the CIA

The Master of Disguise: My Secret Life in the CIA - Antonio J. Mendez 2.99 on iBooks, as Tony mendez' 10 year old autobiography goes on blue plate special, Mendez being the equiv of a two star general, chief of disguises, in the cia's clandestine service. The critical reviews here on GR probably due to aggressive marketing; yes, there are no torture sessions, no bombshells, except the revelation that the soviet union deployed tactical nukes in the 1973 October war. Egyptians with nukes? No wonder they slowly drifted into the US circle...

Mendez has a decent, interesting work, with two striking exfilhirations, one out of India, a defecting soviet spy; the other the famous Argo incident, *now starring Ben affleck *. I admit I would probably go three stars except three bucks is three bucks of escapism, and if a two star general is socially, stylistically, and politically conservative, that would seem to be the price of admission. Three typos; surprising in a big five book

Entered the pantheon of "true spy" nonfiction, a reference for years to come