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3 (Modern Erotic Classics)

3 (Modern Erotic Classics) - Julie Hilden the American "Story of O," Hilden's work, transported to upscale New York City and Yalies, is tightly written and demonstrates an artist's ability for twist of plot/narration. representing a year's work of effort and refinement through the generally-regarded as rigorous MFA process, 'Three' is a return on investment for time and money on the part of the reader. not everyone reads erotica, but if you are a reader willing to read a book in the genre, Hilden advances her specialty, and the stepping stones of her advancement are clear.

tight, taut prose; an ace mind behind the authorial voice; and certainly not least, the frisson that Hilden is well-regarded in the legal profession before achieving as well in this, her second public area of expertise. if you are wondering what frilly underpants exist beneath those black judicial robes (this is a metaphor *cough*), one will enjoy this professional work in a genre overrun with dollar-for-word count contracts.