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Yakuza Moon: Memoar seorang Putri Gangster Jepang

Yakuza Moon: Memoar seorang Putri Gangster Jepang - Shoko Tendo Yakuza Moon/Shoko Tendo 2006

I'm going to err on the side of generosity and give this pretty short, but punchy 3.6 or 3.7 work the full 4.0. to some degree this is a question of rarity of experience, and then the whole "daring bad" rather than "boring good" tradeoff that I explore in the LADY AND THE MONK entry by Pico Iyer. finally if this crsed bluetooth keyboard hopefully doesn't completely joke out.... hmmm... that would be good

so this is the sort of thing. this isn't absolute perfection. Junichiro Sagao's memoirs of a Yakuza were far better, covering sweeps of political history, and eventually being plagrized by bob dylan of all people, and in comparison, Tendo's work seems a bit more insipid. we deal with submissive sexuality, and then there are moments of lyricism, but in the flood of interchangeable yakuza toughs who are our lovers, we don't get some of the good stuff that comes with a boy yakuza-- the actual battles or wars that break out, the real cleverly cooked up criminality, etc.

[blog note here: Japan quiet, quiescent, not so hyped up and jazzed out.... some minor earthquakes/rumbles but nothing huge in the news. the chinese announce an air defense ID zone but nobody cares]

this is a work for people interested in the japanese mafia or who take an interest in female criminality. i'm not sure it's absolutely a must read for general readers, but it does have its moments.