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The Fall of Baghdad

The Fall of Baghdad - Jon Lee Anderson not bad, not stunningly brilliant. a few evocative images / characterizations of Baghdad on the eve of battle. Anderson gets points for his topic / staying on through the fall of Baghdad, but he is not an absolute stunner in style or characterization.

actually the thing is, of course, in a few decades everyone will agree that the 2003 invasion was inevitabl. what they'll criticize is the west's non-involvement in the congo war , or the millions' dead "great war of africa." that is called THE IRONY OF HISTORY

(ironic because most liberals/leftists criticize bush's war; nobody is currently calling for greater intervention in africa)

big controversial prediction:

history's verdict will be that the 2003 invasion was a premonitory harbinger of the death of secularism.

mankind's faith in the secular, multicultural republic is being replaced by an increasing focus on religion and supernatural explanations for our irrational world. the highpoint of rationality was 1991.

but then... rationality was never really the point.