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Dune - Frank Herbert instant sci-fi classic, Dune has over a quarter-million ratings here on GoodReads and still notches above 4.00 (4.06, 15 Jan 2013). a fully imagined universe, in which mankind has turned against computers but has a drug-derived ability to travel between stars, the Dune universe is dominated by powerful clans, a shield technology related to atomics, sword fighting and localized anti-gravity, and an ethos divided somewhere between OPEC, Greco-British and Arab cultures, good vs. evil, family relations vs. court politics, Catholicism gone twisted, and the ever present necessity that "the oil spice must flow."

it's said Herbert was extremely high on marijuana/hashish when he wrote the work, and I guess we can all be glad that such a great mind delivered this product. spawned a dozen sequels, none of which are quite as amazing as the original anchor work.


Herbert wrote it in his head whilst walking the dunes of Florence, Oregon.