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This Kind of War: The Classic Korean War History - Fiftieth Anniversary Edition

This Kind of War - T.R. Fehrenbach times change and so do our expectations and language. there's some 1920s era world history free ebook floating around, and although the work is completely readable, the modern reader is somewhat shocked to see written without any sense of irony

the Negro should blame himself for his plight, for nations must organize themselves first...

as if, of course, Africans or African-Americans are one person, 'the Negro...'

T.R. Fehrenbach wrote his classic 1961 Korean War history just before the 60s sexual and social revolution. so in two or three places, Fehrenbach writes things like

the North Korean soldier could survive on three rice balls a day

but actually aside from this and the de rigeur criticism of the ROK army, Fehrenbach's work is still surprisingly readable, accessible, and valuable today. he isn't quite as military-focused as the paratrooper officer Max Hastings. unlike Halberstam he doesn't drown the book half in criticism of Douglas MacArthur, but he does provide some coverage of Chipyongni and the North Korean prison revolt on their POW island in the south. overall the work is professional and proficient.