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Rendezvous With Rama

Rendezvous with Rama - Arthur C. Clarke what a trip! a literaturist's delight is RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA, with pitch-perfect revelation and drama, and, alas, Clarke's cynical awareness that less is more. you're perfectly entitled to despise this work after completing it on the basis of the quantity of what is revealed, although of course Clarke also had monumental set pieces, and that brilliant sci-fi thing of having one line communicate an entire story.

some film critic or some director said he started his career after Bladerunner's "I've seen C-beams glittering off the shore of Orion." or was it that Ridley Scott referenced some cyberpunk line, "what did you do in the war? oh, I was in a microlight above Moscow." one line. an entire history implied.

actually since I've already whipped out a blackberry-connection, or rather, Bluetooth connection on a wireless keyboard, maybe I'll write a couple tries myself.

# "Were you there on St. Augustine's day?" "Yeah, my pod was hyperlooping the outer bay, and I felt the shockwave."
# "My first taste of battle was off the coast of Titan. They're still retrieving the transuranium off manta ships."
# "If you've ever seen a netfall, this was total broad-spectrum for two weeks. Half the city kids died of dehydration."

well, a sci-fi writer I am not, I suppose. but anyways... back to the review

This was Pitch Perfect! Ha, Arthur C. Clarke perfectly tones a work having to do with the mysterious approach of the gigantic Rama alien space vessel. Every revelation is revealed bit by tiny bit.