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Armor - John Steakley extended metaphor for western identity in a communities and relationship oriented world? or just good space opera? sci-fi classic armor . quite obviously vietnam war metaphor. (khe sanh and dien bien phu) but Steakley was in university during the war. ha! talk about confounded expectations.

so, just a decent writer. last third a little slower? (it's been ages)

24 Aug 2013 re-read

well, downgraded from 5 to 4; rated during my original sweep of books, and remembering this as a classic. now with a more skeptical post six months of GR, I understand it's not quite the 5. did some great things with mood; Felix has his "engine" turn on during crisis moments.

Steakley in the end only wrote two novels. every permutation must exist; this is the ultra-low output author.