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Casino Royale: A James Bond Novel (James Bond Novels, Book 1)

Casino Royale - Ian Fleming I was about to write this review with something snarky about how a Amazon.com middle manager is probably getting some gold star in his employee file because he put these on special right when, *fireworks* an espionage scandal is erupting in global media. however, Fleming's work was so good, I can't quite bring myself to cheapen his accomplishment.

this is a 1953 book. however, it reads like a modern thriller. it is as good as Bourne Identity, as Ludlum; it is as good as Dan Brown. it is a thriller. it is genre fiction, it is calculated for popular appeal, but for that reason, it is sharp and without authorial aside. it is simply a patrick bateman-like 'killing machine' and his collision with other immovable forces.

5/5 with internal thoughts of protagonist a major edge over the stylish and aggressive movies