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Bravo Two Zero

Bravo Two Zero - Andy McNab 22 SAS carried out a long-range deep interdiction/surveillance mission during the First Gulf War and ended up being placed between two regiments of the Iraqi Army. one eight-man element ended up being engaged in a 100-mile dash for freedom / running gun-fight that has generated no less than five separate books, starting with this one, by the element's commanding NCO, "Andy McNab." the resulting furore generated accusations and counter-accusations, with even the original assignment of the combat team contradicted by various accounts. possibly one of the most argued over small-team missions in military writing history: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bravo_Two_Zero

like [b:Blackhawk Down], much of the work's literary prominence is because it was among the first military actions since the fall of the Soviet Union and quite some time before the major wars of the 2000s. with little overall US/UK military action during the 1990s, the events of just a few men became heavily examined, discussed, and written about.

a solidly written story 4/5; learning all the controversey post-reading probably to some degree weakens the overall experience.