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The Devil We Know: Dealing with the New Iranian Superpower

The Devil We Know: Dealing with the New Iranian Superpower - Robert Baer Baer argues for recognizing Hezbollah and a reapprochement with Iran, inevitably including a downgrading of relations with Israel. I'm not sure how realistic this is; a country's foreign relations are not a Risk-game of picking and choosing partners, they reflect economic and social relationships. To the degree that the "Israel lobby" exerts influence over Congress, any Congressperson suggesting the US switch its Middle-East alliance to Iran over Saudi Arabia and Israel is probably going to commit political suicide--at least until 2030.

now in the year 2030, when--according to Baer--the Saudi Arabian oil fields are exhausted and by which time the entire Persian Gulf will be ringed with Iranian antiship missiles, there is some very slight possibility a sort of complicated detente will arise, but I'm sort of the apocalypse school of futurology-- we're probably heading for an apocalypse, and there's at least even odds the 21st century will include at least two nuclear strikes.

the book is very readable. you may or may not agree with all of Baer's politics, but he clearly truly believes what he is saying, and if I had more time and the inclination, I'd actually be curious to see what arguments have already erupted on this thesis