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From Russia with Love (James Bond Novels)

From Russia With Love - Ian Fleming book 2 of the James Bond series (got a grab bag at discount), and reading them in... goodreads order (i.e., what goodreads says are the better ones)

[b:Casino Royale|3758|Casino Royale (James Bond, #1)|Ian Fleming|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327865694s/3758.jpg|2503304], which I just reviewed, was elegant, stylish and very tightly written thriller prose a 5/5 series maker. naturally, there's a bit of a drop off, five books in, and what goodreads calls the 2nd best bond book (and the jacket copy claims was one of JFK's favorite books).

I think the Hardy Boys / Rocky Bullwinkle factor is starting to kick in here. the bad guys clearly 'act gangsterish' which works okay in one scene but in another seems cartoony. Q shows up; Bond starts to use super gadgets. and then love interest is a bit contrived, with what seems to be an Agatha Christie ripoff. but to some degree redeemed by a very visual protrayal of Turkey. so.... hmmm... 4/5 is fair? a great thriller, just compared to Casino Royale's intensity and pure perfected perfection, this is inevitably where the franchise is being milked.

remarkable ending.

Russia-Turkey thing explored; notoriously hostile relationship. some interesting narratological tricks for the professional literature major