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My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands

My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands - Chelsea Handler is this writer suicidal? I'm not a huge fan of comedy or standup comics in general, but it was hard to shake the impression of the famous "totally depressed behind the funny-makeup clown" pop-culture icon. maybe I'm reading too much into this; other readers seem to like this work (currently @ 3.78, 80,000 ratings) and Handler's career seems to be taking off, but if I were taking bets, I would predict the writer jumping off a bridge sometime in the next five years.

I dunno... trying to avoid making blanket statements here. some people will see mental illness behind those pale blue eyes; others will think it's this review that's the joke.

headline for 2020 national enquirer: "much beloved comedian on antidepressants for ten years..." ?

anyway, to return to the book at hand, it's written by a well-known comedian, so obviously a sly humor runs through the piece, (for example; chapter 1, I sleep with a black guy; chapter 2, I sleep with a dwarf... you get the picture), but whether it's Handler's affected style for comic effect or just too many literary approaches applied to a light pop culture piece, I tend to think Handler's on some serious Prozac and Ritalin. hmm... well... I certainly wish the best for her. hope I'm wrong.