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Carnage and Culture: Landmark Battles in the Rise to Western Power

Carnage and Culture: Landmark Battles in the Rise of Western Power - Victor Davis Hanson international socialism can never triumph over nationalism because nationalism is sexy


or at least, that's what some famous historian said. here in CARNAGE AND CULTURE by VICTOR DAVIS HANSON, professor emeritus at CalState, Fresno and Fellow at Stanford's right-wing Hoover Institute, isn't accurate. he isn't correct in his conclusions. his judgments aren't global, well-informed, or multi-perspective. the text, however, is just sexy.

what is meant by 'sexy,' is that Hanson is arguing, repeatedly, a nationalist and relentlessly Western viewpoint (the name of this book in Australia is 'Why the West Has Won,') that only makes sense to the True Believer in triumphalism and Western Rule. is Professor Hanson crazy? is he tottering on the verge of total schizophrenia? let's abandon any reference to the US or West vs. the Turks. how about Holland and Indonesia, Professor Hanson? do the Netherlands merely need to recover their sense of direction, their Westernness, their work ethic, and their belief in freedom and democracy and Indonesia will once again fall under the obviously superior Dutch culture? Hanson--and we do forgive a little because he is writing in the immediate aftermath of 9/11--takes the cult of the individual to some unknown epitome. for a man who's never led soldiers in combat or even like organized a minimum security prison, Dr. Hanson offers tellingly broad, beautiful syntaxed solutions. look in the mirror: you see a Westerner, you know that free speech and democratic change, progress and scientific breakthrough come from one and only source. Believe in yourself. one against the hordes. this is Dr. Hanson's evangelical philosophy, and of course it will last until about the 2nd millisecond of actual combat, when, as Rudyard Kipling wrote decades ago

but with one ten penny bullet from the rifle of an Azail
a ten thousand pound education is brought to waste

for somebody's who so fantastically wrong, I still rate the 4/5. the thing of course in the end


if any sensible person were to choose between being an American soldier in Vietnam or a Vietnamese, of course anybody would pick the former.