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Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison

Orange Is the New Black - Piper Kerman this is pretty impressive, and appears to be doing some good word-of-mouth trade, showing up high on a number of ebook bestseller lists. Piper Kerman, graduate of Smith College, falls in with the wrong crowd and then spends 13 months in Danbury, Connecticut minimum security penitentiary. Kerman's voice is brisk, matter-of-fact, educated, liberal, and detail-oriented. the result is a fast-moving memoir about confinement and a true 'fly-on-the-wall' viewpoint of an actual woman's prison.

my own experience with prisons is somewhat limited, except for the fact that I do know a few military people, and they tend to work in jails when not in the service (as Kerman herself mentions). earlier in my life, I was once involved as a non-called witness to a misdemeanor charge and experienced various lawyers and whatnot, and of course I've gotten a few tickets (never speeding, oddly) and been chatted to by cops here or there. (and if I've ever been arrested, I don't know if I would report it here on GR. I mean, how long are these entries stored?)

yet Kerman herself apparently clearly got her life together afterwards and indeed even succeeded. she had a great support group and was well-liked by outside people, which never hurts. would you send me ebooks, o goodreads, if I were ever to be convicted?