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You Only Live Twice (James Bond Novels)

You Only Live Twice - Ian Fleming reading the top 5 bond books in one mad ebook download has stirred my memory of this work, breezed through in hardcover however many years ago. Bond does Japan! but compared to the stark reality of [b:King Rat|9827|King Rat|James Clavell|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1320417273s/9827.jpg|1899209], Fleming seems to just buy into "good old buddy Japan complete with all the geisha and sumo wrestlers." okay, not bad slightly slapstick action, but lacking true "must read" edginess. 3/5

6 Bond books read, average author overall 3.67. that sounds about right. nice light thrillers, mostly, with the exception of Casino Royale which just about crosses over into literature (and given the evolution of standards over time, will indeed become literature by 2050). there's a thought.