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Live and Let Die (James Bond Novels)

Live and Let Die - Ian Fleming fortunately, the top reviewer on this entry has done a bang-up job dissecting this work so my workload here is light. I will only add that I disagree with Fleming's change of venue inside the work. Mr. Big was part of the city, and the fast pace of the work tied in well with that locale. changing locations nearly brought this down to the 3/5 and actually, this is a pretty shaky 4.

blaxploitation before it happened...

the GR community, although having read this book a lot, brings up the unfortunate racism issue. in fact, it might be impacting the rating, 3.6 rather than the predicted 3.8 (given other bond books). admittedly, it isn't pleasant to see a black power community leader depicted quite the way Mr. Big is, but for a book of its time, this might be a piece of distinct Americana. to that degree, I retain the shaky 4, although certainly all the reviews on this matter do have their place too