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Arctic Dreams

Arctic Dreams - Barry Lopez Arctic Dreams, currently 1.99 Amazon.com summer special, may have won the 1986 National Book Award, but I think I have to join the dissent crowd on this (current) 4.19-rated non-fiction work. it might be a little hasty to say that standards have changed dramatically in merely 27 years, but it does seem that Lopez's work assumes a slightly less well-read audience than does 2010-decade works. there's less data packed in each sentence; there's kinda more fluff around the place (if that isn't just a restatement), and while far-north books are notorious for their extremely slow, steady pacing and apparent appeals to the obvious, nonetheless it's possible the topic was a bit ruined for me by [b:Cold Adventures in the World's Frozen Places|6413245|Cold Adventures in the World's Frozen Places|Bill Streever|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1344270985s/6413245.jpg|6602232].

I will re-read and reassess based on the large number of positive reviews, but upon first reading, for now just seems a book a little out of touch with our 2013 world.