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In the Country of Last Things: Textbook (Diesterwegs Neusprachliche Bibliothek - Englische Abteilung)

In the Country of Last Things - Paul Auster translater and expat Paul Auster suddenly at age 35 releases his father-son memoir 'Invention of Solitude' and then at age 40 releases the acclaimed New York Trilogy as well as this slim, dystopian volume. drawing comparisons most closely with '1984,' "The Country of Last Things" is faintly allegorical (poverty?), post-disaster, Roadesque (but the Road is 2006 and this is 1987), a city novel, a poverty novel, a hunger novel, an examination of societal breakdown as well as incident, idealism, and mood/tone.

this tiny book, although deceptively simple, offers a long epistle capturing the experiences of a recent arrival to the city who is caught up in the cycle of poverty and crime, experiencing slow degradation of circumstance. misses the 5 due to length and absolute heftiness (a similar assessment is possible for the Road), Country is a fast read, and the two most popular reviews on this entry do a strong job and cover much of what needs be said.