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Blindness (Harvest Book)

Blindness - José Saramago, Giovanni Pontiero quick read, fairly clear allegory about "white blindness" which strikes an unnamed portuguese / latin american city. same type of Pablo Coehlho slightly didactic , Marquez prose. detail by detail account of degeneration of community and society outside, provides multiple possible readings-- political, religious, nazi.

slightly annoying / cloying didactic voice same flaw as all of Coelho, but readable, quick despite length

part of this has to do with translation (spanish being full of 'something of something' grammar form), but some of it is certainly 'the iberian mood'

the amber light came on. two of the cars ahead accelerated before the red light appeared. at the pedestrian crossing, the sign of a green man lit up. the people who were waiting began to cross the road, stepping on the white stripes...

so that's purely british english or american english or german in tone

however completely random page (p. 79)

there is no such thing here, on your way. we must bury the corpse. don't bother about any burial, leave it there to rot. if we simply leave it lying there, the air will be infected. then let it be infected and much good may it do you. air circulates and moves around as much here as there

(this was a random page)

little translations such as "much good may it do you" are in the 'iberian mode' so to speak. kinda tiresome.