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The Pale King

The Pale King - David Foster Wallace, Michael Pietsch this is the review that got me on to goodreads.com essentially the reviewer is admitting that hard-core use of hard stimulants is necessary to get through this work, but if you commit to this course of action, the results can be rewarding! "Nomen-Mutatio," one thinks, is mere cognomen. but I digress. nabokovianly so.

PK is lots and lots of repetition about a very very tedious job. while we understand that tax forms are various deductions are meaningful work, and that one is actually lucky to get to this job, based on DFW's other comments, I think we eventually develop the sense that ordinary life is very very boring.

fortunately, DFW was kind enough to alleviate some of that boredom in his short life.

I am kinda digressing here because of a visa thingee that's keeping me in one location longer than ideal. but whether i'm typing away in an open-air easyeverything internet cafe in prague or three steps from the beach in bali, the important thing is clear, precise, anglo-saxon english. you never understand the first world until you leave it.

hooray and thank you to DFW. however, capturing boredom exquistely, alas, is still boring.