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Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945

Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945 - Tony Judt image

shit. goodreads.com has just updated their software and it's detecting I'm using a foreign computer. this website, once enclave of western culture is now riddled with chinese ideograms, and I can't escape ching-guo-bun-hua overwhelming my sensitive classical sensibilities with a tonal language. one day some scientist will be able to calculate with mathematical percision the precise amount of insult damaged to atonal neurons by a tonal language, but until that day, we have to deal with such atrocities as they occur.

anyway... very few people will understand that paragraph. possibly they'll just read my Kerry review and consider just another surrealistic mood piece. surrealistic pillow LSD

what I wanted to say about this book was that I read it on an old Northwest Airlines flight from (San Francisco?) to Detroit, sitting next to an old dowager who ruthlessly tongue-lashed the flight attendant. we were sitting in an early precursor to "premium economy", the "exit row premium" seat where the little touch screen at check-in offered infinitely more leg room for $40. not bad for SF - Detroit which is a five hour flight. so I buckled in and dowager-madam sat next to me. she approved of my reading.

the thing about this moment, 2013, is that signs of decay are now unmistakable. the 60s and 70s revolution against racism and sexism have succeeded--thankfully--but the problem is that White Males are Still Politically Guilty in 2013. it's impossible to be White and Male in America today. even this sentence is going to elicit accusations of Racism and Sexism. so that's why We Flee to Foreign Countries.

but wait... what is the reviewer's name...

hmm... caffeine moment.

I guess I should get back on topic? like the book review? but i'm over-caffeinated? and I have some 18000 characters of freedom??? if free will exists? if writing this wasn't predetermined? okay enough rambling.


the thing about EUrope is that it created all culture, to an 85% monopoly, but then it destroyed itself in 1914. so this book is about the after-glow; the decline; the liberal democratic parties that are just marching time as demographics eventually wipe out the former imperial nations.

we're supposed to be against Imperialism, against Racism, against Sexism, against Homophobia. this is the brand new world. this is Brave New World. all the soma and group acts would save us. i wanted 1970s thrillers to save us.


but Europa was a fox. Europa could never be obliged.

see the thing is, is that I'm "racist" because I don't like having Ching Fook the superannuated Chinese man wave his two filthy fingers in my face while assaulting me with an incomprehensible babble of highly tonal sounds. some things have never been covered in non-fiction. they can't be, because they're sounds.


has any serious academic inquiry ever been done in regard to this subject? in pakistan the pashtuns oppress the punjabs precisely because of this.

pashtun: So you've come to our country and you're interested in booking a hotel (dry and atonal)

punjab: hel'lo Mr. Bow'ser-Cam'per'ton. we are speak'ing a lang'uage' that is old'er than yours' so please do not con'sid'er me to be speak'ing an ac'cent'ted Eng'lish. (sing-song)

and now Goodreads in the interests of "internationalism" or "equality of cultures" is bombarding me with incomprehsible ideograms. thank you goodreads. thank you for destroying my one haven of western culture in a sea of poverty-ridden incompetence.

okay rant over... calm down four cups of coffee...


according to Judt, we're supposed to consider this moment an advance on classical Western culture... well, maybe... I'm not soo.. judgmental. i'm just

staying alive

i'm dealing with this insanity because once you accept surreality, insanity is always bubbling five high and hot moments away. i needed this caffeine fix. i needed to read hamsun and hunger. needed to dreanch san franciso streets with tears and fears. but Judt's thesis; Judt's redemption. he wanted us to see that Liberal Democracy was all that was possible. we couldn't go back. we had to forget the past. it's was about Life and Love. dancing in rain forests.

Judt claims Liberal Democracy is what destroyed the totalitarian East. I believe this. we can do it. i know there is a way forward because the politicians told me so. they told me about nine planets and five stars. about the quasar and the event horizon. apocalyptism would be all that was left to us, and our words would degenerate into bits and streams of 0s and 1s. i never understood any religion that could not accept that letters were just a form of number. so much for the quant qual difference.

May 2013

I'm out! left that hell hole, china. man they are a pushy race. street hawkers in your face, mba deal signers in the bar, workplace plenty panting and agitatedly moving in hopes of a green card out of that airless hell.

this is a companion book to [b:Embracing Defeat|273197|Embracing Defeat Japan in the Wake of World War II|John W. Dower|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1347308463s/273197.jpg|92383] in a sense; captures the "new world" of the post-war West. speaking of which, I now realize that some pushy chinese put the ideograms on this entry. it isn't related to computers at all.

pushy chinese.

the best part of the pushy chinese is that they assume everyone is at their level.

the worst part of the pushy chinese is the infinitely available and submissive females.

or have i mixed the two up?

whatever. you're reading this! you signed up for goodreads! you're starved for the written word. i'd write more, but you're probably already tired of this sort of direct address!