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Hitler's Private Library: The Books That Shaped His Life

Hitler's Private Library: The Books That Shaped His Life - Timothy W. Ryback 1. one reads on goodreads because one is a voracious reader
2. one then reads book reviews because one is a voracious reader
3. books reviews get written for voracious readers.

I think that's the cycle, the heart of this website. and that is totally unrelated, a digression, to this work. and here's another digression:

I was along Bubbling Well road in the French Concession of Shanghai when I came across a Chinese bookstore of English-language books. many are encased in plastic wrap. I bought this book for 20 RMB (renminbi = people's currency, or about 3 US). unwrapping the plastic, I then discovered the pages inside were slightly out of focus and the paper a little thinner than western normal, almost sure tipoffs that is a copyvio.

what is morally obligatory?

well... issues involved: the author/publisher almost certainly get no royalties. however, Chinese copyright law is pretty strange; it's more about suppressing undesirable books than protecting authors. actually technically the bookstore/vio aren't necessarily illegal under communist chinese law, only perhaps immoral under widely recognized moral principles.... and it's 2013, decades now when most music is downloaded (again without royalty), off the internet.

hmm, tough questions. but if I destroy this book after reading it, I haven't necessarily damaged the author/publisher vis-a-vis borrowing a western copy from a western library?

or if I give a review here on goodreads, i'm at least promoting the book to some small degree, and arguably the author is better off with one chinese pirate edition read and reviewed than one western edition and never reviewed?

or, these are all paper-thin justifications?


Ryback, I suppose, has a write to be ticked off, as GR.com is showing only a 150+ ratings. in other words, his academic work has not brought in heaps of cash, but already some clever Wuzhou pirates have ripped his work. possibly it's bringing them more profit than his work. well, the argument might be made that I should immediately destroy the book, but how about my $3? and since I speak no chinese, there's no recourse from the bookstore or the city government. it's a complete conundrum.

and so , also, is this book.

the work is about Hitler's fascination with reading, his library tinged with mystical volumes (although in one section, he doesn't read the section that apparently predicts him), anecdotes about the Fuehrer. the skies turned blood red right before the invasion of poland-- and this is confirmed here in writing as well as in video documentaries.

hitler's thinking derived from racialist thinkers. he had certain artistic pretensions.