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Shadow Puppets (Ender, Book 7)

Shadow Puppets - Orson Scott Card #12/26 on "Authors who should have quit while they were ahead."

Ender's Game, 350k reads
Xenocide, (Ender's Game #2) 70k reads
Ender's Shadow (series reboot), 50k reads

... and then...

down to 21k reads.

the material is getting pretty thin on the ground here. it's not absolutely unreadable, just a matter of one pat of margarine being scraped over lots and lots of bread. we're just continuing "Great Power Risk" as played out in Mitt Romney's Orson Scott Card's head, circa 2020.

can be parodied simply as follows:

hey guys; imagine if Taiwan attacked New Zealand. and then the commander of Belgium, a super military genius, supported Lithuania rescuing Zimbabwe! OMG! but maybe the floating satellite master puppeteer directed shooting laser beams down on Jamaica! god! what Russian army would then march towards Bean's platoon on Liberia?!?!

not really worth a purchase. rescue it from a trash bin if you just need to put another title on your bookshelf.