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Pinball, 1973 (The Rat, #2)

1973年のピンボール (講談社英語文庫 (12)) - 村上 春樹;アルフレッド・バーンバウム;Alfred Birnbaum it's that tough review to write...

what do you think of a Great Writer's Early Work?

since novels in japan are published in Up and Down volumes, this is the Down (or Book 2) of Murakami's debut.

and traditionally, the Down is the better work.

of course; a novel's climax and resolution are the better examples of writing.

I am Clever for Pointing out Structural Details of Japanese I-Novels, ne?


we can say this is great because is presages otaku culture; pinball being an early variant of Nintendo being an early variant of Playstation 2. so otaku culture is predicted.

or we can say

early murakami contains the unhostile take towards third country people; chinese and koreans in Japan

or we can say

early "post modernist" work, split between anecdotes, bar stories, mixed up with the early "mystery / spirit world" take of Haruki Murakami...

but maybe the other reviews do a better job.


hard to find work!