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Snow Country

Snow Country - Yasunari Kawabata, Edward G. Seidensticker one of the books Kawabata was cited for for the Nobel Prize, and justifiably so. critical opinion will undoubtedly rage unresolved for centuries whether this or Beauty and Sadness (Utsukushiimito kanashimi??) is the superior work, but for the first-time Kawabata reader, clearly Yukiguni is the more accessible work. somehow capable of being a book about that standard Japanese trope 'geisha,' and yet an internally-consistent and well-plotted internal work as well. who else could unify both the exterior and the interior so harmoniously? only Kawabata...

premise, a dilettante; a faux intellectual; a 'critic' of ballet, from Tokyo, decides to spend a few weeks in the countryside, where a poor geisha may or may not have her favors for sale... who will win the battle of the sexes? where will the relationship (if it exists) go?

beautiful, elegaic, slow, a Nobel prize winner